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The Fountain Hills Unified School District in Fountain Hills, Arizona has earned a reputation for excellent academic programs, noteworthy student achievement, and high levels of parent and community involvement. Over the past several years the district has earned respect throughout the state as a small, friendly, high achieving district with well-trained and motivated staff.

FHUSD students consistently take home academic awards in science, math, and other curriculum when competing with students from other districts around the state. It is this high degree of student achievement that attracts top students and teachers from around the state and country to the Fountain Hills Unified School District.

Commitment, enthusiasm, motivation, and a friendly atmosphere are the keys to Fountain Hills Unified School District's successful approach to student education.

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We're very proud of our district, its students, teachers, and community. And, we hope you'll enjoy your visit to Fountain Hills Unified School's website!

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Keeping Children Safe Around Water

Now that summer is approaching, nothing sounds more appealing than a dip in the pool to cool off from the heat. However, when swimming pools, plastic kiddy pools, or bathtubs are involved, children need constant supervision. All it takes is two inches of water, and a child can drown.

This is the time of year that you hear the unfortunate news of children drowning. According to Steve Eastwood’s article from About.com, around 90 people die in drowning related incidents each year, and 75% of those deaths were children who were being watched by only one adult and were out of his/her sight for 5 minutes or less. If that is all it takes, there’s no excuse to leave your child alone for even one minute. If you need to go back inside or even walk out of the room while your child is taking a bath, take your child with you; or make sure that you have another adult watching him/her.

Knowledge and preparation is the best prevention. The American Red Cross website offers classes to become CPR certified. Being prepared is extremely important. Look for a class in or around your area.  By being prepared, you can help save your child’s life or the life of another.

Keep your kids safe during the summer this year. The Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona is a group that consists of parents, health professionals, and business leaders who try to make aware the importance of water safety. The DPCA has a great website for those interested in getting involved in the cause against children drowning. It provides great tips and resources, from tips for lifeguards to grief resources for those who have been affected by or involved in drowning or near- drowning incidents. Summertime should be fun, so keep it that way by keeping your child safe.





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